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Oil of the month. lemongrass

Oil of the Month - Lemongrass

Cymbopogon citratus - Lemongrass is a native of India with mid green, narrow leaves and paler bulbous stem that has been used for centuries both medicinally and in cooking. The oil is extracted through steam distillation and is a pale amber with a fresh lemony aroma. The oil acts as an astringent and antiseptic so works well on clogged pores, acne and eczema. I use it all the time in my massage blends as it strengthens muscle tone and slack tissue and is ideal for sore or strained muscle and connective tissue.
When travelling, Lemongrass can be vaporised to repel biting insects and when applied to the skin in a body massage blend it can help protect against stings.
The cheering and uplifting fragrance will have an instant, positive impact on mood and helps to lift the spirit; it calms and strengthens nerves and eases depression and stress.

To use as a toner add 5 or 6 drops to a tablespoon of Witch Hazel and apply to the skin on a cotton wool pad.

Try this anti-inflammatory compress on a sprain - Dilute the following oils in 5ml of sunflower oil; Piper nigra (Black Pepper) 5 drops, Cymbopogon citratus (Lemongrass) 2 drops, Zingiber officinale (Ginger) 5 drops. Fill a bowl with cold water and add the oils. Soak a flannel in the bowl, squeeze out excess water and place the flannel on the affected area. Leave the flannel until it starts to warm up. Repeat the process 3 times.

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