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Oil of the month. cedarwood

Oil of the Month - Cedarwood

Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) has an impressive list of benefits from balancing and toning the skin, helping to heal infections, stimulating the lymph system and aiding detoxification to lifting your mood and reducing anxiety.

Cedar trees can grow to over 100 feet and live for more than a thousand year and standing under the canopy, inhaling that clear, woody and sweetly resinous aroma can literally be a breath-taking experience, not to mention the grounding and calming effects. I use Cedarwood to address feeling of vulnerability, insecurity and the sense that you are disconnected from your true self; the oil helps to strengthen resolve and resilience.

On a physical level Cedarwood contains anti-inflammatory substances called sesquiterpenes which make it helpful for easing itchy, irritated skin; acne, athlete's foot, dandruff, eczema, hives. The stimulating effect of the oil can help regulate the menstrual cycle and control urinary infections as well as break up excessive catarrh and soothe coughs and colds if used as an inhalation.

Try adding 10-20 drops of cedarwood oil to a bottle of unscented shampoo or conditioner to combat dandruff. (Shake the bottle well each time you use it)

In a room diffuser, add 3-4 drops of the oil to cleanse the air and help lift depression, anxiety or fatigue.

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