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Balm for Aching Joints and Muscles

Regular use will help to reduce inflammation, stiffness and pain in troublesome joints and sore muscles. Ideal for arthritic joints, over used muscles and as a post exercise rub.
+Sunflower and Coconut oils are anti-inflammatory
+Cocoa Butter supports collagen production, improving elasticity
+Lemongrass oil strengthens muscle tone and slack tissue; excellent for muscle strain
+Ginger oil is a warming analgesic oil that boosts circulation and relieves muscle pain
+Black Pepper oil is rich in monoterpene hydrocarbons which are known for their pain killing properties; circulation is boosted and sore muscles soothed
+Rosemary oil boosts circulation and has an anti-inflammatory action. It will stimulate the lymphatic system to help clear toxins.

30ml Jar £ 4.50

SkinScense Aromatherapy Products and Shop. balm for dry, cracked inflamed skin

Skin Balm for Inflamed, Dry or Cracked skin

A richly moisturising and healing balm that supports skin cell regeneration, reduces itching, dryness and environmental damage. Could be used to help control the symptoms of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

+Evening Primrose oil is rich in fatty acids especially GLA
+Calendula oil (Marigold) and Oat fibres are soothing, reduce inflammation and itching and help heal cracks and cuts in the skin
+Lavender essential oil from the High Alps is anti microbial and antiseptic, heals the skin and helps to regenerate skin cells as well as calming the nervous system
+German chamomile is effective in wound healing and reducing skin irritation and soreness.
+Rose oil will calm both inflammation and nervous stress

50ml jar £ 7.50

Balm for Skin under Attack

A richly moisturising and protective balm that contains essential oils to reduce inflammation, promote healing and skin cell regeneration, help repair chemical damage, support the immune system and nervous system; helping the body fight depression, fatigue and anxiety.

+Castor, Sunflower and Coconut oils are anti-inflammatory and help the skin to heal while maintaining the skin barrier and hydration
+Carrot Tissue oil supports the process of cell regeneration as do Lavender and Frankincense essential oils
+Moroccan Thyme and Frankincense essential oils support the immune system and fight inflammatory responses in the body
+Rosemary essential oil works with the central nervous system as a tonic as well as helping wounds to heal, there is research into its ability to suppress some cancer cells.
+Geranium is known for its ability to balance emotions and reduce stress

50ml Jar £ 8.00

SkinScense Aromatherapy Products and Shop. this is me blend

This is me! An oil blend to boost calm, control and confidence

An oil blend designed to be used on your pulse points throughout the day to reduce anxiety, boost self esteem and confidence, balance your emotions and make you feel grounded and in control, positive and uplifted.

Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) Calms and protects from emotional trauma
Geranium ( Pelargonium graveolens) Balances emotions, reduces nervous tensions
Bergamot ( Citrus bergamia) Refreshing, uplifting, promotes brightness and positivity
Rosemary ( Rosmarinus officinalis ) Combats mental fatigue and stress and modulates the adrenal cortex ( flight or fight
Vetiver ( Vetiveria zizanoides) Grounding, relaxing and sedative

10ml Rollerball £ 4.50

Peace and Calm in a Bottle

A lovely oil blend working in synergy to promote peace and a sense of profound calm and content. Ideal to use before bed or at any time when you are feeling anxious and unsettled. Designed to be used on the pulse points, it comes in a small rollerball bottle for ease of use.

Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi) - is calming and soothing with its warm woody smell, helping you to find stability.

Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) - with its fresh, rounded citrus notes is a well known mood enhancer and relaxant.

Helichrysum ( Helichrysum italicum) - has a fresh herby scent and will work hard to overcome anxiety, lethargy and nervous system exhaustion

Sandalwood (Santalum album) - is justly valued for its warm, deeply woody scent that wraps us in a soft blanket of relaxation and inner calm; very effective in releasing nervous tension and anxiety.

10ml Rollerball £ 7.50

Aloe vera Gel

A healing and soothing gel from the leaves of Aloe barbadensis, widely recognised for soothing sunburn and rashes, treating cuts, take the sting out of bug bites, reducing scalp itchiness and dandruff and calming shaving burns. Absorbs quickly and is not sticky.

150ml Jar £ 5.50

SkinScense Aromatherapy Products and Shop. love and harmony spray

Room Sprays, Love and Harmony, Fresh and Fragrant

Love and Harmony - A beautifully scented room spray to fill your house with the richly floral notes of Rose and Jasmine that are lifted with the citrus top notes of Bergamot and grounded with the warm, balsamic undertones of Cedarwood.

Rose represents love, purity and passion and will help to open our hearts.
Jasmine has long been recognised as an aphrodisiac and is calming and sedative
Bergamot is a bright, uplifting citrus oil that will ease emotional and nervous strain and restore balance.
Cedarwood supports an open mind, strengthens resolve and lights the way to your true self.

100ml atomiser bottle £ 8.50

Fresh and fragrant Room Spray

An invigorating , uplifting room spray with bright citrus notes of Grapefruit and Lemon, sweetly floral Palmarosa and the richer, warmer, balsamic notes of Frankincense and Benzoin. Feel the energy!

Grapefruit and Lemon to keep you cheerful, content, light hearted and energised
Palmarosa to keep you stress free
Frankincense to prevent you being overwhelmed
Benzoin to help you distance yourself from anxiety and fatigue

Headache Tamer, Pulse Point Roller Ball

A quick response Roller Ball bottle to use on pulse points to ease headaches and the accompanying muscle tension. With Lavender to relax, reduce stress and sedate, Lemon Eucalyptus to calm and reduce hypotension, Spearmint to address the pain, reduce nausea and calm the central nervous system and Sweet marjoram to relax muscle tension.

Apply to temples, back of neck and wrists ( Inhale deeply from your wrists) as often as needed

10ml Roller Ball £ 4.50

Respiratory Blend

A blend of pure essential oils to use in a diffuser, on a tissue or steamer. Helps to relieve congestion, sinus pressure, coughs and irritation resulting in the build of mucus and relieves a tight chest. Can be helpful in managing Bronchitis, Asthma, Sinusitis and COPD.

Eucalyptus essential oil is anti viral and antiseptic as well as an effective decongestant and expectorant.
Frankincense oil has traditionally been used for respiratory infections and is an effective expectorant and additionally helps to reduce anxiety and stress.
White Camphor oil is anti viral and antiseptic and aids in the break down of mucus.
Spike Lavender has a penetrating aroma and is helpful as an antispasmodic as well as being strongly anti microbial
Niaouli oil is useful for catarrhal conditions as it is an expectorant and anti spasmodic.

Use 3/4 drops in a diffuser or 2 drops on a tissue to inhale when needed.

10ml bottle £5.50

Rest and Recover Blend

This is a lovely blend to use after an illness, with emotional trauma or chronic stress. The synergistic blend promotes relaxation and calm and helps to reduce anxiety, overwhelment and chronic tension.

Coriander essential oil stimulates the nervous system and causes a mild feeling of euphoria, it is a tonifying oil when used for emotional trauma.
Clary Sage has a definite sedative and euphoric action and will loosen the most chronic tension.
Ylang Ylang has been shown to regulate the heart rate and pressure, promote relaxation and reduce depression.
Neroli oil relieves anxiety and nervous tension and is unparalleled for managing emotional trauma.
Sandalwood bolsters our confidence and self esteem and allows us to speak our truth.

Use 3/4 drops in a diffuser or 2 drops on a tissue to inhale when needed.

10ml bottle £ 8.50

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